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Lights, please

Cara has always had a thing about turning lights on and off. When she gets up in the morning all of the lights get turned on - at least the ones on the first floor, but not the bedrooms. When she goes to bed at night, all of the lights get turned off (thankfully she leaves the bedrooms alone). The problem arose when she was turning lights off at night even if someone was in the room. And if you turned it back on, it turned into a battle over the light switch. And if you waited until you thought she was was like she had a radar for when the lights were turned on and she would be there, turning the light out. Obviously, this became a large problem. The following is a simple social story that I used with Cara to get her to leave the lights on at night. It worked for the most part. She will leave the light on in the living room if someone is in there. However, if you need the dining room light to - forget it. And if you are in the kitchen, she will let you have the overhead light, but the lights over the stove and sink have to be turned off. Some days you just have to take what you can get.

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