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She did what?

This past week has been an amazing week of watching Cara's growth blossom in front of us. It has filled me with so much joy that I just had to share.

On Monday, the 27th (my birthday), we went to the Lego special exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Josie got some adorable pictures of Cara. To see her smiling and posing was a moment to bring tears to my eyes.

Then, on Tuesday, Josie took Cara to get her hair done. Up until now I have been cutting it myself. We went to a kid's salon when she was really little, but it just became easier to do it at home. Josie was certain that her hairdresser would be good with Cara and took her. She was right. Cara let them wash her hair in the sink, cut it, and blow it dry. I was thrilled when I found this out. I no longer have to wonder about getting her to a salon and having any kind of trouble.

Next, Josie took Cara shopping for clothes. This is only the second time Cara has gone to pick out her own clothes. The first time was with her class from school. Then she picked out a pair of jeggings. I was blown away since her entire wardrobe is comfortable yoga-like elastic waisted pants. On Tuesday, Cara shocked me even further when she picked out a pair of jeans! Jeans! I never thought Cara would want jeans. She proved me wrong.

To top the week off, we finally went and got Cara her state ID card.

Overall, it was an amazing week of Cara milestones and I want to cherish every bit of it! She is growing up and it is a joy to watch.

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