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Shower Time

Updated: May 20, 2021

I fear I have been neglecting this blog. It isn't that I don't want to share, but I have run into a slight problem - finding my files. They are scattered over at least two other laptops (not the one I am working on of course) so hunting things down has taken some time. But I found several of my files and transferred them to this computer so I will be better able to attend to this. I also found some of the material I came up with for Cara's Sunday School so I will add that in as well.

On to today's topic...teaching Care to take a shower independently.

One of the most difficult things to teach Cara was how to take a shower on her own. She was not keen on the idea, but we had gotten tired of getting wet trying to help her. However, washing her own hair wound up being a completely separate task so we settled for just getting her to do everything else and we continued to do her hair - until I came up with a story/schedule for that. (Still looking for it.)

I have attached the shower/story schedule we used for Cara. It is rather long and may be complicated for some kids, but it can be modified. For Cara we had to be very detailed to insure that she actually washed each body part and washed her arms and legs fully. If we just said "wash your body", she wouldn't have gotten her entire body - not by a long shot.

Additionally in the file is a copy of the schedule without the pictures. The pictures are on the next page. Cara loves to cut and paste, so I made a cut and paste activity so she could actually put the pictures on and essentially make the schedule herself. It helps to familiarize Cara with the schedule before we try to implement it in the actual shower.

Download DOCX • 88KB

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