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Going to the Doctor

Updated: May 20, 2021

It occurred to me today that one of the things we have had to work hard on with Cara is going to the doctor. It also occurred to me that this is a definite problem for kids with autism (and typical kids - but I don't know much about that).

When going to a regular doctor's appointment, you never quite know what order things are going to be done in and what is actually going to be done. So, for Cara, laminated cards of each of the different tools (file attached) were made. Cara would hold the envelope of tools and each time one was used, she would hand me the card.

Anyway, through the years, staff at Cara's school have worked with me on social stories for Cara for many things. I have discovered social stories to be my life saver in many situations.

One of our great challenges actually occurred twice. Cara had to have procedures for dental work. Thankfully, the hospital let you come ahead of the procedure to see how things were done. When we were there the first time I took pictures of each of the steps. Then I made laminated cards with the steps on each one. Staff at Cara's school helped me once again to make the wording was okay. There were some bumps both times we used the cards, but on the whole, it made things a whole lot easier for Cara. She did the same thing as with the tools. She would hold the cards and give me one at each step. Between the walk through and the cards she knew what was coming and could deal with it. I have attached the cards from this experience as well.

My hope is that for parents not blessed with a supportive school with supportive staff that these tools might give them a starting point to come up with their own tools to use with their children. And if you are one of those parents and have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Doctor tools
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Dental procedure 081118
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