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Serving Our Lord
In big ways and small.

Art 2024 Save the Date (1).png

I am so excited! I will be having

my very first book signing at this


Art Across the Spectrum,


benefiting Autism Connections.



I will have both books available


for sale with personalized


signatures. Proceeds will go to


Autism Connections. Please,

come join me, Matt and Sam

for a wonderful evening of art


and more!

Matt,  Sam, and the Swimming Rock

Brown goat.png
Llamas, sloths, and goats. Oh my!
Get your copy today!


Wondering Where to Start? Yeah. I probably would be too. What were you searching for?

A picture book? Click on Matt and Sam.

Autism resources? Click on them or search the blog.

Bible study? Check out my blog.

My blog is a little bit of everything: Bible study, stories, my thoughts on autism, autism resources, and maybe something I have forgotten.

Whatever reason you are here, please feel free to look around. You might find more than you were looking for.

Liz Harlan Headshot-5.jpg

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Harlan.

This website is about my journey to serve God, in whatever way He wants me to serve Him.

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls (ages 21 and 19).

God has led me down some interesting paths in my life including being a homeschooling SAHM to my oldest daughter; being mother to my younger daughter with autism; and discovering, at age 50, that I have autism and ADHD.

So, as my life goes this way and that, I find many different ways to serve God. I hope that you will find a place on this website that will support you in your relationship with God.

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