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What Will I Wear?

One of the most difficult things we had to deal with when Cara was younger was the transition from warm weather to cold weather. She was adamant that she was not going to wear pants. Additionally, once we got her to start wearing pants we didn't dare go back to shorts or we would face the battle all over again.

Then we started using the attached file to help Cara determine what she would be wearing each day. Both sides of the strip of paper had Velcro on them. The back side was used to store pieces that weren't being used. On the front, I would place the weather (hot, warm, cool, or cold) and then Cara would place the corresponding piece of clothing. Eventually, we went to using a paper thermometer with markings of the temperatures and what range (hot, warm, cool, cold) the temperatures were in. I would help Cara locate the temperature so she could determine both the weather and the clothing.

Now, Cara checks the weather on her tablet and determines what she is going to wear on her own. She has come such a long way!

I have long since lost the original one, which I had laminated in addition to using Velcro. The photos are of an example that I made up without the lamination and Velcro.

what I wear
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