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Sheep and Goats - Sunday School Resource

Matthew 25:31-46

This is an activity I used with Matthew 25:31-46. In this passage, Jesus begins

by talking about separating sheep and goats. The sheep are put on His right and the

goats are on His left. He talks to each group separately, telling them their eternal fate.

He tells the sheep that they helped him on earth and they wonder how. He tells them:

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine,

you did for me.” He then tells the goats the opposite.

Cara always liked to cut and paste so this is an activity that she enjoyed. She

would cut out the animals and then paste them in the correct columns. Of course,

making sure she didn’t know there was an answer key was important because otherwise

she would be wanting it. She couldn’t handle the thought of being wrong,

so she often would wait for someone to confirm her answer was right before pasting

the animals down. We had to work on getting her to put it on by herself, making her

choose on her own.

goat and sheep
Download DOCX • 199KB

goat and sheep answers
Download DOCX • 208KB

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