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Keep Them Busy

Again, I have been neglectful of my website and blog. All I can do is keep trying, right?

Anyway, I was trying to organize some of my autism materials that I have on my computer and I came across some interesting material that I had forgotten I had.

One of the things I have done with Cara through the years to keep her busy for short periods of time and engage certain learning skills has been Task Boxes. I have discovered these can be easy to make and Cara was happy to repeat them. During the summer I would often have several Task Boxes ready to go so I could just give one to Cara when the moment arose.

One of the files included is a specific text box for sorting animals. As Cara progressed, I would just label the envelopes with "mammal", "reptile", "bird", "fish", and "insect" without the animal names. It gave her more of a challenge figuring out where each animal went.

The second file contains directions for several task boxes that I used with Cara. For the toiletries box, I bought some of the $1 travel empties for toothbrush, soap dish and such. Cheap and easy. Beads were also an inexpensive, but useful investment. I used plastic silverware for the wrapping silverware box.

The third file is for a Letters and Envelopes task box. It contains "letters" and "labels". The directions for this box are in the second file.

I hope these might be useful. I know I have more somewhere on one of my computers. If I find them, I will post them as well.

Animal Task Box
Download DOCX • 1.72MB
Task Boxes
Download DOCX • 13KB

Letter task box
Download DOCX • 13KB

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