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Not the headphones!

Updated: May 20, 2021

I will start with a bit of back story.

One of Cara's difficulties at school, unfortunately, is the behavior of her classmates. Especially when they are making noise. About two years ago, we sent a pair of bluetooth headphones in to school. To help Cara focus on her work and not her classmates, Cara will listen to classical music using the headphones.

So, the other day, Cara apparently got upset and slammed the headphones on her desk. This caused a crack to form. Cara couldn't deal with the crack and actually tore part of the headphones apart!

Cara needed a new set of headphones for school ASAP since it is a part of her behavior plan. Without her headphones she would not be able to focus.

Thankfully, we bought Cara a set of wireless headphones for Christmas to use at home. She hasn't been using them at home so I was able to send them into school and avoid the difficulty of her not having headphones.

I guess I am glad the other headphones lasted as long as they did. I just pray these headphones last. They aren't exactly cheap.

Thing is, I can't say: You broke them, so you have no headphones. The headphones are part of her behavior plan at school. Without them she would not be able to get any work done and would like be yelling at her classmates. This means no matter how many times she breaks them, I will have to replace them. I know the school does their best to keep her from doing something like this, but to say Cara is strong-willed might be an understatement.

The one good thing is that Cara does have a savings account so if she keeps breaking headphones, we can pay for them from her account. Unfortunately, this will have no affect on her. She has learned enough about money to do some basic shopping, but the concept of money and a savings account is out of her reach right now.

At this point, I am left with replacing headphones if she breaks them again. Ugh!

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