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Back in 2008, I set about finding Bible passages containing the word “trust” and writing them out in a little notebook. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them, but I was writing them down. As I went along, I did journal on some of them, but mostly I wrote them down. I lost track for a couple of years – until 2013 actually. And then I lost track of them again – until December of 2021. This time I resolved firmly to finish the task. I found the concordance in the back of my study Bible and went through to see what I had missed. Then I went through and wrote out what I was missing or had not gotten to yet.

Now, what was I going to do with these verses? It is nice to have them easy to get to since I struggle with trust.

And then I learned about the TEND method by Mariel Davenport ( and realized I had a match.

This blog is going to use the TEND method on those “trust” Bible verses I have so carefully recorded.

The first one is Psalm 20:6-8 and I actually did this one on January 28, 2022. I am going to break it down into verses. This is also my first one so I think it may be a little rough. I hope they get better as I go along.

verse 6

Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed;

He answers him from His Holy Heaven

with the saving power of His right hand.

What is this teaching about God?

· The Lord saves

· The Lord answers with saving power

· God is Holy

· God is powerful


· If God is answering, what is he answer answering? Our prayers? Our calls for help?

· God has the power to save us from anything

Do What it Says

· Trust that God hears my prayers

· Know that God answers my prayers whether I recognize it or not.

verses 7-8

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

They are brought to their knees and fall,

but we rise up and stand firm.

What is this teaching about God?

· God is trustworthy

· God is powerful


· The only thing that can truly save us is God

· Do not trust in man-made things over God

· There are consequences for not trusting God

Do What it Says

· What do I trust more than God?

· What do I worry about because I fail to trust in God?

o Being able to care for Cara in the future

o My health

I am going to make a worry box. Every time I start to worry about something, I am going to write it on a piece of paper and put it in God’s hands (the box).

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