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Trust - Psalm 22:9

Psalm 22:9

(Originally completed February 1, 2022)


Verse 9

Yet You brought me out of the womb;

You made me trust in You

even at my mother’s breast.

Notice About God

· God knows us before we are born.

· God works faith even in an infant’s heart.

· God is trustworthy.

Notice about lesson

· Whether we acknowledge it or not, God has known us since before we were born.

· Children know God is trustworthy.

· God holds our children in His hand before birth.

Do what it says


· What do we do as parents to encourage our children’s trust in God?


· Pray for them and pray with them.

· Be in the Word so we can share with our children.

· Take them to church and Sunday school.

· Sing with them/place Christian music

· Live as an example to them (ex: If our children see us studying the Bible, they will know it is an important thing to do.)

(completed using TEND method -

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