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Trust - Psalm 31:14-16

Psalm 31:14-16

(Originally completed February 4, 2022)


Verse 14

But I trust in You, O Lord;

I say, “You are my God.”

Notice about God

· God is trustworthy

· God is personal

Notice lesson

· God is our God.

· We belong to God, through the life and death of Jesus Christ

Do what it says


· How do I live my life knowing God is personal and trustworthy?


· Trust God to work everything for my good.

· Study God’s Word to learn more about Him and draw close to Him.

· Talk to Him in prayer.

· Trust Him to care for those I love.


Verse 15

My times are in Your hands;

deliver me from my enemies

and from those who pursue me

Notice about God

· God holds our lives in His hands

· God is deliverer

Notice lesson

· Worrying about the length of anyone’s life is useless since God knows how long each person will be on Earth.

· God will deliver me.

Do what it says


· How do I live knowing God has determined the length of my life?

· Who are my enemies?

· Who are my pursuers?


· I plan appropriately to make sure my loved ones are provided for when I pass away, but I don’t fret over it.

· My enemies and pursuers are Satan and his followers who seek to disturb my relationship with God. I do not have to fear because God will deliver me from them.


Verse 16

Let Your face shine on Your servant;

save me in Your unfailing love.

Notice about God

· God is light shining on us.

· God’s love never fails.

· God saves.

Notice lesson

· God’s light chases away the darkness.

· We know God will always love us.

· God is our Savior.

Do what it says


· How do I live in God’s light?

· How do I live knowing God saves me and will always love me.


· Live a life that reflects gratitude for God’s love and saving grace.

· Treasure God’s Word as a message of love and salvation by reading it often.

(completed using TEND method -

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