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Cara's Solo

Here's a Cara story from 12 years ago (she would have been 7)...

November 1, 2010

I was so proud of my Cara yesterday at church, although when I describe what happened some parents might question why I so proud of her. After all, for a normal child what occurred might be considered bad behavior - singing in church when you are supposed to be quiet. But I am the parent of a beautiful little girl who has a different view of the world.

Cara's favorite song right now seems to be "Onward Christian Soldiers", and she sings it beautifully. Well, yesterday, during church service, she was happily singing her song. We got to the confession of sins and the part where there is a moment of silence for reflection. The church was absolutely silent - except for Cara's beautiful voice singing "Onward Christian Soldiers". To me it was a beautiful sound. Cara loves to sing an d she has a wonderful ability to match the tune and pitch and everything when she memorizes a song. Her singing is a wonderful gift from God.

For me it was confirmation that God can work faith in any heart and reach anyone with His Holy Spirit. I used to worry because Cara wasn't going to Sunday school or Christian day school like Josie, but recently, as I listen to her sing, I have come to realize that God has reached her through music and love. It is such a beautiful miracle. Just a few weeks ago she began saying, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep". We have been praying this prayer at bedtime since she was born and now she says it. Every night when I hear her say her prayers I am reminded of how amazing God's love for us is and how He can reach any heart with His powerful love.

So, Cara, sing God's praises whenever and wherever you want because you are a beautiful give from God and your singing is a beautiful gift from God. I love you so much, Cara.

Thank you Dear Jesus for beautiful special little girl.

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