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Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

Updated: May 25, 2022

I thought I would just put up a brief post about Cara learning how to fold laundry. It started at school where they had a basket of clothes and taught her how to fold and hang clothes. I went in one day to demonstrate how we did it at home so things would match up. Then we took the practice home. In order to get her to do her laundry independently at home, I made a list of the steps for her, which is the file I'm attaching this time. We did run in to one slight problem. If there wasn't a certain item in the laundry (like shorts during winter) she would get stuck until we put a pair of shorts in. We then added a step to check for shorts and then fold them. It worked, thankfully. Now Cara puts her clothes away all by herself and has been for a couple of years now (she is 18). Cara also knows how to use a washer and dryer, which she learned at school. She doesn't do that at home because we have a lock on our dryer to keep her out. Yes, keep her out. It is a long story for another post, but we ran into a problem with a script that Cara was doing that involved climbing into a dryer. She is only 5'4" so she just barely fits.

Folding Laundry
Download DOCX • 13KB

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