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From Parent to Guardian...

Yes, I just posted the post from a month ago and now I am posting another. I thought I had posted the other one, but when I came on to do this one, I discovered I hadn't done the first. That means two posts for the price of one, right?

What is going on? Cara has turned 18. The paperwork has been filed by our attorney and we have a court date set for September. The fact that it takes so long makes me nervous, but our day-to-day lives haven't been affected. Although, I haven't gotten the paperwork in to Children's so I can't access her records there anymore. Need to get that done.

I probably have a whole lot more paperwork to file with all of her doctors and her dentist and such like that, but I am going to take that one form at a time as they come up. I am sure I would miss something otherwise. Not to mention some of them may need the actual guardianship paperwork to do anything permanent. The necessary ones would be willing to work with me, I am certain.

I did have a some anxiety last week. The first one was when I got an email from the attorney's office with attached documents that needed to be notarized. Panic - where do I find a notary?! Thankfully the attorney's office found one near me. Thankfully, my husband was working at home that day and was able to take a break and go with me (he had to sign as well). A couple of days later there were papers that were supposed to be witnessed when signed. I stressed over this as well until they said my older daughter could witness. I was also very worried at that point that the paperwork hadn't been filed and we were almost a week after Cara's birthday. I was reassured the paperwork had been filed.

As of right now the paperwork is filed and we have a court date. I am not sure what else I have to take care the attorney is my plan.


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