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It's my TV.

It has been quite some time since I posted anything. Our family has been going through quite a lot of stuff since the beginning of April and posting on my website was not on my radar.

It has been even longer since I posted an autism resource.

I came across one just the other day. It was a binder with some Velcro on it and some tags. I easily remembered what it had been for. Once upon a time, we had a television in our living room. We no longer do. Anyway, Cara decided that she was the only one who could choose what was on TV. Needless to say the other family members were not happy with this situation. Something had to be done. A staff member at my daughter's school came up with an idea. I will attach a photo, but here is a quick idea of what it was.

Dad Picture of TV

Cara wait

Josie wait

Mom wait

The name tags and TV and wait tags were all attached with Velcro. The idea was that the picture of the TV was moved next to the name of the person that was in charge of the TV. After a certain amount of time - often based on show length - the TV was moved to the next person's name and that person was in charge of the TV. The binder helped it to stand up next to the TV. I think it worked pretty well.

God's Blessings


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