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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Over six months ago, I started a journey that has ended and begun (it'll make sense by the end - I think).

I had obtained some notes from an old therapist and in one she had written PND-NOS. I was wondering does she mean PDD-NOS. Is she thinking autism?

So, I started doing some research, took a couple of online assessments, and talked to close friends and family. The consensus was that I may very well be autistic. Time to talk to the professionals...

It took a couple of months to get my first appointment. And then the appointments were spread out.

Finally, on June 14, 2022 I had my final appointment to go over the test results.

I have high functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger's).

The surprise came when she said I had ADHD (hyperactivity/impulsivity presentation). Say what? When I spoke of this to family and friends they had no problem seeing this. Once I got over the initial shock, I took a good look at and realized that it did fit.

So, my midlife crisis has been decided for me - autism and ADHD. Not what I would have chosen, but then again I would have a lot of trouble getting into a sports car anyway - too low to the ground.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it took until I was 50 years old to get diagnosed.

And that will be another post - how it was missed all these years.

Now this website will have two viewpoints - one as the mother of a daughter with autism and the other as a 50-year-old woman with autism.

So, when I say the journey has ended and begun it is because the journey to a diagnosis has ended, but the journey of living with the diagnoses has just begun.

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