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Sunday School - Ten Commandments

Updated: May 20, 2021

Attached are two documents that go together. This activity is for the Ten Commandments and I designed it to help Cara understand what the Bible meant as the wording was confusing for her (as least I thought it was). This was a very simple exercise that involved her matching the paraphrase with the verse and then gluing them on the gray tablets. Well, she had to cut everything out first. A variation on this could be to have numbers on tablets and have either the paraphrase or the original language matched to the number. I suppose to add another level to it, you could do all three: number and both forms of verse. You could put the verses on the tablets and then fold the tablets in half and put the number on the outside.

So there are options to adjust this one to your kiddo's needs.

Hope you like it.


Download DOCX • 68KB

gray double tablets
Download DOCX • 37KB

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