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Pop-Tart Switch

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

When Cara was about 3 years old she stopped eating - completely. That in itself is a blog entry. For today though, the necessary information is that when she started eating again, one of the very first foods she ate was Pop-Tarts, but only chocolate chip flavored ones. And ever since she has only eaten one flavor of Pop-Tarts - chocolate chip. Until this past week.

When Rick went to the store he could not find chocolate chip Pop-Tarts so he bought s'mores flavored. Cara refused to eat them. So she ate frozen waffles that day.

Then, inexplicably, Cara started eating the s'mores Pop Tarts. Cool. She added a new flavor.

When the s'mores Pop-Tarts ran out, Rick asked if he needed to get some more (oooohh. pun - get some s'more). I figured that we had chocolate chip Pop-Tarts so we were fine...


For some reason Cara decided she now likes only s'mores Pop-Tart and refused to eat the chocolate chip. All I can do is laugh at the irony and absolute insanity involved in this situation. Thankfully we had frozen waffles and she was willing to eat those.

What in the world just happened? I am well aware that Cara is unpredictable. It is said that the only thing predictable about Cara is that she is unpredictable. I think she had eaten other flavors at school and maybe even at home - but it was usually a one-time thing.

Now, out of nowhere, Cara switches Pop-Tart flavors. I wanted to celebrate a little - until this morning. All she did was switch her "only one flavor" rule from chocolate chip to s'mores .

It isn't just that Cara switched her single flavor. It is the fact that I told Rick we had chocolate chip so we were fine. Why wouldn't we be fine. After all, she has been eating the same flavor since 2007!!!!!!

In conclusion,


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Liz Harlan
Liz Harlan
18 nov. 2020

So, Rick goes out and gets s'mores Pop-Tarts. The next morning Cara ate chocolate chip!!!!!!!!

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