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On July 16 of this year, Cara will be turning 18. Due to her low functioning, we will be applying for guardianship. Up to this point I have felt so incredibly overwhelmed. There just didn't seem to be any place to get clear, concise information. It was either too vague or too in depth. The only thing I was able to get clear was the doctor's evaluation needed - which I have gotten done. Yeah!

I have been told that an attorney is not needed to file. However, I have decided that an attorney is necessary for ME so I don't go completely insane. Today I am meeting with an attorney who I think will be very helpful with this process.

I thought that since a lot of people with special kiddos like Cara have to go through this very same process, so why not share our trip through this process - as best I can. Maybe I can make it clearer for someone else that it has been for us - up to this point.

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